Testimonial 14

When we first began considering building a new home we were inundated with horror stories about builders from friends and associates. We talked to a couple of builders and were even less at ease. We then saw Aaron Schoen at a home he was building. We liked the house and were immediately impressed with Aaron Schoen. Later we met John Schoen and we were even more impressed with the one-two combination of experience and wisdom together with youth and energy that the father and son possessed. Aaron Schoen was very responsive during the building process and took time to answer all questions or explain any part of the process if asked. I cannot think of any time during the process that we were displeased or concerned about an action of the Schoen group.

I have no doubt in my mind that we had the best builders in this area for our new home construction and I will not hesitate to recommend Schoen Builders to any of our friends who are considering building. In fact, we already have!